Sound Bites

Dana Paul Jazz Quartet

A major player in the Florida music scene, Dana Paul was voted 1999 Reader's Choice Best Local Jazz Performer in the New Times in S. Florida, and was also selected 1996 Best Male Jazz Vocalist in City Link In 1985 he was selected South Florida's Best Male Vocalist in polls conducted by the Musician's Exchange in Fort Lauderdale.

Listen to Dana Paul's Compilation of Live Performances (4.3 MB)

TV and Radio

Listen to Dana Paul's recorded TV and Radio Jingles.

Below are the jingles you will hear, in order, as they are played

  • Dominoes Delivers
    "Everybody Knows Domino's"
  • Florida Grapefruit
    "You don't just have to halve it in the morning."
  • S. Florida Water Management
    "TURN IT OFF" Campaign
  • King Tires
    "Roll With It"
  • Pontiac
    "Buy American"
  • Miami Subs
    "I'm heading for those neon lights"
  • Perkins Hardware
    "Here Today and Here to Stay"
  • Seadoo Jet Ski
  • Miracle Center
    "You're Livin' Right!"
  • VH1
  • VH1
  • Jeans Notebook
    "Keep your serious stuff in your jeans"
  • Chevy
    "Look At Chevy Now"
  • Armed Forces
    "The Price of Freedom"
  • Armed Forces
    "Feed Me!"
  • Saratoga Homes
  • Armed Forces
    "That's how it makes you Feel."
  • Burdines Christmas Bears
  • Armed Forces
    "Into the Wild, Blue Yonder."

Live Performances

Dana Paul & Spinning Wheel - A Tribute to Blood, Sweat & Tears