Dana Paul - Where it all began

Born on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, Dana Paul grew up in a musical family. His dad was much in demand as a tenor sax man in the Boston area, and his mom copied the arrangements for society gigs. By the age of 13, Dana's family moved to Miami and he began playing trumpet in the junior high school band. During this same period Dana's stage acting chops were developing under the tutelage of drama teacher and school counselor, Janet Dean.

HIS VOCAL TALENTS surfaced almost accidentally. After high school graduation, Dana set out in a van to see the country. Unable to play a horn and drive at the same time, he began singing along to every song that came on the radio. He found he had an a special affinity for the jazz influenced material and when he returned to Miami a year later, he established his first band.

His 9 piece Nantucket Sound Band is still very busy and has enjoyed much regional success. Dana has recently succumbed to the lure of performing jazz in its purer form. Describing the jazz trio, he says, "Obviously no two performances are alike.

Dana is also featured vocalist with S. Florida's most extraordinary big band, the Peter Graves' Atlantean Driftwood Band, hosting the annual Sanibel Jazz on the Green festival. There he performed with Chick Correa, Chuck Mangione, Toots Thielsman, Ira Sullivan, Bob James, Bobby Caldwell, the Yellow Jackets as well as Tom Scott on his guest appearance. His greatest live musical moment and memory - trading scat solo's with the perfecter of the art of jazz vocalese, John Hendricks (above) at Jazz on the Green.

"Dana is simply a great scat singer," says Scott Siler, producer of Sanibel Jazz on the Green. "He's also a real bluesy singer with a deep, rich soulful sound."

Live at Churchills

Dana recently released an independent jazz c.d. recorded live at Churchill's, a popular restaurant and lounge in S. Florida. Featured on the c.d are pianist, Mike Orta, bassist, Nickie Orta, and drummer Mike Harvey, with guest appearances by pianist, Mike Levine and bassist, Rafael Valencia. "I love the live acoustic trio setting. It makes room for more melodic and rhythmic improvisation" Dana says.

Whether you're listening to Dana's rendition of 'You Don't Know What Love Is' with his subtle, drop-dead bluesy phrasing and vocal range, or the break-neck speed lyric and extraordinary vocal percussion solo on his original vocal version of Chick Corea's 'Sicily,' you know he's right where he belongs. You're just glad you're along for the ride!